Oct 9, 2018

2018 ADI Surgery Oct 2018


Pete welcomed the instructors to the meeting and thanked Bernie for joining us
today. He went on to reiterate that it was a meeting for ADI’s PDI’s and time
for us to raise points and ask questions of the examiners.

Bay Parking Practise in the DTC
Pete wanted to mention yet again, that instructors are STILL bringing their
candidates into the test centre too early before tests are going out before they
return. Whilst he does appreciate that sometimes it’s busy with many tests on,
he would appreciate it if we could spread the word & try & keep away until the
appropriate times.

Practising Bay Parking in Car Parks
Pete asked if we could try & not use the designated car parks as much to
practise bay parking. The concern is that if we were banned from using another
car park (as has already happened at The Saughall pub), the remaining ones
would obviously be more congested. Another concern was that the pub
landlords may discuss with each other & all decide to ban us from all the pubs.

ADI/PDI Meetings
Pete has said that he was pleased that there has already been a meeting for
PDI’s & new ADI’s. He would like it known that whilst he would be happy to
have more of these, he would like PDI’s & new ADI’s (& in fact all instructors) to
come to the DTC anytime if they have any question or problems with anything
at all.

B&Q Roundabout
It was agreed that B&Q Roundabout is much better now that the traffic lights
are up & running & also the road markings are complete.
It was asked if a left signal was required when taking the 3rd exit on the right to
All Docks, as the lane only goes that way anyway. Bernie said that although you wouldn’t be marked down for no signal, she thought that it is a place, (&
generally good practise to teach), where it is good to confirm to other road
users where you are going.

Pull Over on the Right Manoeuvre
When asked to find somewhere safe to stop on the right side of the road, the
candidate can ignore driveways when stopping & also ignore driveways when
asked to reverse back 2 car lengths.

St James’Church/Tollemache Road
A question was asked about what happens at the bottom of Tollemache Road if
the candidate has passed through the first light on green & it changes to red at
the second one. An ADI present at the meeting had had a candidate who failed
after going through the second light & another who failed for stopping at the
second one. Pete & Bernie agreed that it is a grey area & it was decided that
the candidate should be more prepared & plan well ahead on approach to the
first traffic light. So if it’s been on green for some time on the way down
Tollemache Road, the candidate should ease off the gas & be more prepared to
stop, therefore hopefully not being in that difficult situation.

Asda Woodchurch
It was asked where the instruction would be given to turn right at the second set
of traffic lights near Asda in Woodchurch. Pete said that as soon as the
candidate has passed the first set of traffic lights (next to the slip road), the
Examiner will say to take a right at the second set of lights. This is where the
candidate should then check mirrors, signal & then move across to the next
lane as soon as possible in preparation for the next move across. If they can’t
get across due to traffic, a begging signal is appropriate. If no-one will let them
in, & the examiner can see that they have tried & have dealt with the situation correctly, & no-one will allow them to move over, then they will take charge & may ask them to continue straight ahead. This also could apply in Upton/Noctorum Lane; although if they act immediately on the instruction here,
they do normally have a lot more time to get across.

Sat Nav
It was mentioned again that sometimes the Sat Nav gives varying instructions
or slightly incorrect instructions to what we’re used to. For example, at Greasby
roundabout coming from Upton, the sat nav does not include the first exit/dead
end so the examiner will intervene & clarify, whereas the sat nav does include
the first exit to Sainsburys at Upton roundabout. Candidates can always ask if
they have a problem as with any event on test.

Emergency Vehicles
Pete & Bernie were asked what would happen on test if an emergency vehicle,
for example an ambulance with blue flashing lights were to be approaching
behind when the candidate was stopped at red traffic lights, knowing that traffic
should not go through the red light under these circumstances. They said they
would be fine if the candidate moved to the side where possible, even if that
meant going slightly through the red light, to allow the ambulance through,
although obviously they would have to move to a safe place so as not to cause
an accident or to put themselves or others at risk in any way.

The meeting ended at 4:50pm with thanks from Pete, Bernie &all attendees.