Sep 24, 2018

2018 ADI Surgery Sept 2018

Minutes of Test Centre Surgery
on Monday 3rd September
With Peter Fielding (LDTM and examiners, Dave & Jack


10 ADI’s present

Pete welcomed the instructors to the meeting and was pleased with a turnout of 10 ADI’s this month. He went to reiterate that it was our meeting and time for us to raise points and ask questions of the examiners. He had a few points that he wished to raise later.

Road Resurfacing. 20mph signs for loose stone clippings. Common sense should be used if it’s a 40mph with 20mph then if it’s safe then candidate can make progress. If the chippings are gone, road clear etc ... if it’s fresh and chippings everywhere then would expect it to be slow and cautious. Examiners would step in and advise candidate if the sign has been left up for a long period of time and was no longer needed.

Forward bay park. What is the terminology used? Beaufort road Car Park, as they turn into the car they are usually asked to turn right in the car park as this is a quieter area as the examiner controls the test. They will be asked to park in a space on the left or right. or right. If they do not want to park in one of the 2space bays on the right they would be ok to drive around the bend and down the second lane to use a space on the left or right. If they wish to open the door to check at the end of the manoeuvre that is acceptable as long as they secure the car first. There has been a spike in observation faults in this car park, candidate need to be aware to the left as well on entering the car park and not just steer right without looking. Expected to be safe.

Question was asked about Welsh 20 signs with grey circle (Queensferry on Chester Routes) They are advisory signs but should be followed around school times. At other times it would be ok to go higher speeds if safe to do so.

Signs for following All Docks past Tesco towards B&Q they should spot the signs early on and need to move over. If they haven’t seen a sign they can say that they haven’t seen a sign and ask examiner where to go. If they are in left lane and can’t move safely across as it’s too late then should go ahead in left lane.

The question was asked about approaching B&Q from Poulton Roundabout towards New Brighton. This is a satnav route and the satnav mentions the direction 3 times on approach.

Question about B&Q roundabout. The road markings have been painted on some of the approach roads and parts of the roundabout, ready for the traffic lights. Test routes will continue to remain the same after lights are finished.

The question was asked about verbal directions given at crossroads. When approaching crossroads, examiners directions will always be the same wording - take the next road on the left/right. The examiner won’t mention the crossroad. They won’t mention the end of the road in case the candidate misunderstands and goes straight on to the next junction. At the roundabout turn left first exit, turn right 3rd exit etc.
Where they can, examiners will try to use the same wording as the satnav whenever possible. Satnav will say cross the roundabout 2nd exit. Examiners wordings have not changed at all.

If there is ambiguity and the sat nav says at the end of the road or take the next road it sometimes is a bend in the road. The examiner will help if necessary. Screen will show diagram of the layout.

Begging signals to change lanes - Noctorum Rd turning left out of the road and then turning right second set of lights towards Upton village. Similar down Woodchurch rd to take second set of lights after Asda into Estate. Candidate needs to put a begging signal on to show they want to move over. The best thing to do if there is a car in the right lane. Many candidates are doing a right mirror check seeing a car an not doing anything and continuing to drive straight ahead. Without a signal another car in lane 2 would not know they wanted to change lanes. Obviously this needs to be done safely and David asked if we could ensure we train candidates in this type of situation. However, Not to be confused if pulling over for normal stop and move away. Need to look for a gap and put a begging signal on if it’s time to get moving away, without forcing someone to brake suddenly. Some candidates put a signal before even checking.

How would an examiner give a direction for a left turn very close after a bend. If there is a left turn after a bend then the instruction would be given early enough to take observations and signal. An example of this is the left turn into Beryl Road, shortly after passing the Co op on Noctorum Avenue.

Rear view Camera. Is is acceptable to look at the screen. Yes it is ok to utilise the technology but still need to look around and make good observations.

If vandalism happened on a test what would happen. Following the recent incident with one of our members having their car vandalised during a lesson the questions was raised if similar happened during a test what would happen? If the vehicle is still ok to drive then the examiner would always aim to continue if the candidate was ok to carry on as well. Test would be aborted and recorded as a termination if not. Pete said that the examiners would do everything in their power to see if they could get an earlier test and not have to wait the normal period if something like this occurred.

No smoking sticker. Should be displayed in vehicles. Although it is unlikely it would be refused for test, Pete said that the sticker should be on display.

PDI only surgery for newer instructors. Pete is looking to arrange some PDI surgeries for new instructors so they feel that they can bring questions and then hope they would continue to attend the regular surgeries once they qualify.

Later test time. It was noted that some 15:29 Test slots have been showing for bookings, mainly on a Wednesday. Pete said that this was correct and the additional slot would be a normal fee, not overtime. Examiners get meeting time allocated during the week, and if this is not used then the extra slot would be available for booking, so it may not be regular time every week, just as and when.

Cancelled tests at short notice over the last few months have been due to examiner illness.

Summer working finishes end of October current waiting time is approx 7 weeks, so Saturday Test times may be extended. These are usually in the morning with the 11:11 slot being the last Test.

Box/hatch markings outside the Test centre still no movement waiting for the council. Candidates are allowed to enter the hatch markings, if it’s safe. It was asked if it would help if instructors also got in touch with the council and Jack said yes please, the more reports the better. Please go onto the councils Street Scene Website. They are also waiting for the Double yellow lines, to the right of the Test centre exit be extended (it is believed that there was a car parked there when they were originally painted) they should be joined up with the yellow lines from the new estate Atholl Duncan Drive.



Next LDTM surgery is on

MONDAY 8th October 
at 3.45pm in Upton





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