Aug 20, 2018

2018 ADI Surgery July 2018


With Peter Fielding (LDTM and Julie Coppell and Kevin Williams (Examiners)

5 ADI’s present including Richard & Kevin who attended the meeting on behalf of the association 

Pete welcomed those attending although much a lower turnout than the 24 at the last meeting.

Pull up on the right. Julie said that they were still having issues during the pull up on the right manoeuvre with candidates continuing to drive on and on without making an attempt to pull over and then either attempting to stop in an unsafe place or the exercise has to be abandoned. Please treat it like a right turn and if necessary indicate and wait until a space in oncoming traffic before moving over.

Greasby Roundabout sat nav directions. The 1st exit from the test centre is not counted as part of the directions, therefore it states Greasby is 1st exit. The examiner will step in to clarify this anomaly.

Hatch Markings outside Upton Test centre. The question that came up at our APDI meeting was asked, when should candidates enter the hatch markings to turn right into the TC coming from the roundabout and would they be marked down? Pete said that it would all depend on traffic situations at the time. If there are parked cars by the car wash then it maybe preferable to move over earlier, however if there are parked cars outside the Job Centre then it maybe more suitable to stay left for longer. Examiners would look at the situation at the time as long as the candidate was safe. Pete expressed concerns over the marking as soon as they were painted and it is listed with the council to be changed so an arrow as filter lane is painted in to give a safe turning point into the TC. This is chased on a regular basis with the council, but it is on a list and they can’t do anything else.

Wallasey end of Union Street. At the last APDI meeting we mentioned about the 2 stop lines at the end of Union Street after they extended the parking bays. Kevin said that as long as the candidate emerged safely they would be fine whichever line they stopped at. Examiners would know that it’s sometimes safer to hold back at the first line if parked vehicles block the view. What they would have a problem with is someone not taking effective observations and just pulling out.

Saughall Massie Pub Car Park. As previously mentioned a sign has been placed at the entrance to the car parking clearly stating it is for customers only. This is very disappointing as it was one used by examiners on Test. Even though we have been asked to avoid using selected car parks some instructors have still been practicing in the Car park. This lead to a situation where the brewery area manager was in a near miss situation of some sort with a learner driver practicing. The area manager has therefore made the decision and the Landlady cannot go over their head to change it. Pete is aware that he is preaching to the wrong ADI’s as he is sure that APDI members will not use the Car parks listed, but has asked if we can communicate and pass on the information to other instructors who are not members.

Standard of pupils presented for Test. As we mentioned at the last APDI Meeting, Pete would like to pass on his thanks for the general high standard of pupils who are presented for Test. He is aware that instructors are sometimes under pressure from Pupils and Parents to book tests earlier than when they are ready and would urge us to hold our ground and be firm if we do not think they are at Test standard.

Road Signs on Test. A reminder that this is still part of the test and 1 in 5 tests still follow signs rather than sat nav. Some candidates are still arriving on Test and not knowing they could be asked to follow signs so please ensure this covered during training.

Candidate Failing Test and then driving away from Car park. A recent incident saw a candidate, who instructors thought had failed their test and was driving their own car saw them take the L plates off after the Test and drive off. Pete wanted to assure ADI’s that the correct procedures were followed on this occasion. If the examiner feels the person is driving without the correct qualifications or licence they inform the police with details. Although he didn’t go into the whole process he did say that this happened quite often and the DVSA has a procedure to follow. At the meeting he stated that once an international licence holder applied for their uk provisional licence then the international licence is no longer valid. He has since contacted me to make it clear that the international licence is still valid while the driver holds a uk provisional licence but only for upto 12 months from entry into the uk. He said that the rules were quite complex and instructors should refer to the DVLA website for further details.

DVSA Timing Study. As previously stated at the last APDI Meeting the DVSA are starting a study on the timings of tests. Pete confirmed that Upton was one of the Test centres that was included in the study. This will be starting imminently and a DVSA employee will be accompanying tests. They will be looking at all timings of the test from start to finish as well as individual elements. This is the same as a supervised test and the extra person will take no part in the test. They are using a broad spectrum of test centres across the country and Upton has been chosen because of the number of examiners and it has a car park. Please let your pupils know that they may have someone extra sitting in on their test. They will probably look to do a further study once the iPads have been introduced (but this will be a while off) and Pete said he doesn’t see any changes being made to the length of tests, more in the timings for examiners work.

New Bridge/ Roundabout in Wallasey. The question was asked about lane markings for the roundabout by the New bridge in Wallasey. Kevin stated that he had still not been over the road bridge yet, but it would start to be reintroduced into Test routes soon. Coming from Birkenhead turning right towards Seacombe enter in the right lane and leave in the right lane to head towards Seacombe. Kevin said that if they were turning left at the traffic lights towards Kelvin Rd examiners would advise the candidate that the need the left lane when leaving the roundabout. When coming from Seacombe heading towards Dock Rd and Gorsey Lane candiaites can approach in either lane, but most locals use the left lane and follow it round. As long as sufficient mirror checks and signals are used then right lane would be ok as well.

Sitting in the back of tests. Pete said that this was always encouraged. A PDI who was at the meeting said that he had been told off by an examiner for looking around too much during tests, but Pete said that he hoped this wouldn’t put him off in the future. They know that we naturally look around but please keep this to a minimum as well as keeping quiet. You should be looking at what your pupil is doing. The same PDI asked was it ok to use their mobile phone while sitting in on a test. Pete said that while they couldn’t stop you, the candidate has asked for you to sit in and observe and you should really be watching what is happening rather than focusing on a mobile.

After the meeting we approached Pete about a trip to the DVSA examiners Training Academy at Cardington. Pete said that he thought that would be a great idea and was sure we would find it useful. He was going to get more information and feedback to Richard.


Date of Next Meeting will be Monday 3rd September at 3:45pm in Upton.