May 15, 2018

2018 APDI Meeting May AGM 2018








Brian opened the meeting and welcomed everyone along. Our guest speaker for the evening was Paul Mountford from Merseyside Police and we also welcomed along local DVSA examiners from Upton, Rhyl, Wrexham and Chester who we had invited to listen to Paul’s presentation on Drink and Drug Driving.

All members had received a copy of the previous years AGM minutes via email. There were no issues arising from the minutes..


Chairmans report 

Brian said that it had been another successful year for the association, we had a number of guest speakers which Richard worked hard to arrange and we had some good turnouts for presentations from DVSA examiners regarding the changes to the driving test and the new Enforcement Teams.

The committee holds meetings in between regular association meetings and we plan monthly APDI meetings and discuss ideas and suggestions put forward. As ever, all of the committee meet in their own time.

Brian went onto thank “The Crew” of Richard, Thea, Shirley and Kevin. Brian said that without the committee giving up their time, things would not run so smoothly and said a big thank you for the support.


Secretaries report 

Richard said that the last year had been one of our best for Meeting attendances as well as member numbers. At the end of the year ending April 2018

  • 72 full members, up from 59 the previous year.
  • 34 members on the Facebook group up from 29
  • 47 members on the Whatsapp group up from 38 (Brian would also mention the WhatsApp group again later)

During the year Richard and Brian attended a number of meetings on behalf of the association to be able to feedback to members. These included ADINJC annual conference. Engage and Road Safety meetings at Police Headquarters and Wirral Road Safety as well as Pete’s TCM Surgery at Upton.
In June we held 2 successful First Aid Courses for members and we are looking to hold a refresher course in the near future.
We arranged for Pete Fielding, Local Driving Test Centre Manager along with Mike Jones to attend our association meeting to keep members up to date firstly with the changes to the driving Test in December and then the changes in the Dvsa and the new Enforcement Team and their role with ADI standards checks and qualification tests.

We supported The Big Learner Relay again last November to help raise money for Children in Need. 

We arranged the Christmas Meal and Quiz night, which proved popular again last year with over 30 members attending.

Our April speaker was due to be Gary Jones from NW Assessment Centre which assesses drivers who have been referred due to medical conditions, unfortunately due to snow this had to be postponed and will now take place in June. John Parry visited us in April to give us a talk about Galloway’s Society for the Blind and their drivers days around Three Sisters Race Track in Wigan.

Members receive regular updates via social media / whatsapp and email for local news and events as well as changes we are alerted via DVSA and ADINJC.

For those not aware the association is a member of ADINJC which means that all of our own members receive silver membership to the ADINJC. (If you joined the ADINJC as an individual member, these benefits would cost you £36 per year, meaning your APDI members subs are great value. All Group Members are entitled to our ‘Silver Member’ benefits with options to upgrade to Gold of Platinum plans.
Silver membership plan includes:

• ADI and PDI advice helpline – 0800 8202 444
• Online industry news: breaking newsflashes and social media
• Newsletter – monthly
• Online CPD training: free monthly webinars
• ADI register removal representation, negotiation and support
• Representation of members views to Government departments and agencies
• CPD training days/conference discounts
• Legal Advice – 10% discount
• Online CPD training – monthly

Members are reminded that we also have our own APDI website for individual members listings along with a members section for minutes etc. On there we have a Members only section with past minutes of meetings etc

Proposed Ideas and Suggestions

Brian and Richard are attending the ADINJC Association day in June to share ideas with other groups on how we can improve the association and we will feedback at the next meeting.


As already mentioned we are looking into holding a refresher session for those who took part in the first aid course last year and if enough interest, will look to hold another course for members who have recently joined the association, or those who could not attend last year. A seperate email will be sent to gain interest and make a list. Once we have an idea of numbers we will arrange a date and set the venue and cost.


The idea for holding daytime meetings was suggested earlier this year, for those members who can’t make evening meetings. We intend to hold our first daytime meeting on Wednesday 23rd May at 10:00am at the Toby Arrowe Park (old Cherry Orchard) depending how popular this proves we will look to hold these meetings on an adhoc basis


The Christmas Social event proved very popular with members over the last few years. Richard has suggested a Ten Pin Bowling evening and the view from Members was that this was a good idea. We asked for the best venue and it was decided that New Brighton would be best.

Richard has booked lanes for THURSDAY 28th JUNE at 7pm at Riverside Bowl in New Brighton

Cost is £14.95 each for 2 games of bowling with a meal (burger) and a drink. A separate email will be sent to get interest. A deposit will be needed to secure the booking and this will be collected at the June APDI Meeting. Anyone not wishing to bowl is welcome to come along and join us on the evening. 



Treasurers report

Funds carried forwards this year end in the bank were £1022.
And cash is -£23.99

The association is run as a non profit making capacity.

Significant spending was £200 for the ADINJC membership on behalf of all members. This has been a large increase this year up from £150 as they have realigned membership fees based on number of members but as a committee we felt that this was outweighed by the benefits to our members (as already mentioned if you wanted to join the ADINJC as an individual member their silver membership is £36 per year.

This is included as part of your APDI members subs of only £20 so a great saving straight away.

We spent £250 at Christmas for the cash raffle for all members with 4 prizes 1x£100 and 3x£50 and we also spent £200 on raffle prizes on the night. Thea said that the bank statements were available for any members to view if they wished.

Brian thanked Alan Doyle for his role as auditor for the accounts on behalf of members and said that he would continue to do this.


Election of Committee

Richard had sent an email out to all members asking if anyone wished to join the committee and we had received no replies. David Harvey said that he did not wish to stand for a committee role but would like it noted he was willing to help out the committee in the future if needed and we thanked him for this. The committee had also received comments and emails stating that it would be good for the present committee to remain in place.

The current committee all agreed to stand for re-election and rather than voting for individual members they stood en block.


The committee were proposed by Barry Matthews, Alan Doyle and Jude Smith This was seconded by Sue Euers, Dave Harvey and Richard Hague.

With a show of hands all members present gave their support, with no one against.


Other Business

Richard mentioned to the group that Roger Roberts had sent his apologies for the AGM. Roger has been a supporting member of the association for the last 4 years and was now retiring from teaching, so we wish him well in his well-deserved retirement. 

WhatsApp Group

As mentioned earlier this is becoming more and more popular with more members joining. We currently have 47 members in the group. The group was set up to share information such as test cancellations, traffic issues and hold ups, ask questions and advice on recommendations etc and pass on information from the committee etc.

As this is an open group, everyone in the group gets all the messages and notifications so can we please remind members they don’t need to thank or comment on every message (as 47 people get the notification) the group is not to be used to promote any individual or school or raise any complaints over examiners or tests.

If you are unsure please ask a member of the committee before posting. Whilst we don’t want to stop anyone from posting up, following some complaints we would just ask you to think before doing so. If you are not already a member please contact Richard our secretary to be added. If you are currently a member you can silence notifications if you wish by going into your settings.

Members Subs Renewals

Members are reminded that subs are due at the AGM each year. Membership runs along with the financial year from May to the following April. Thank you to those members who have already renewed. 

Membership subs are £20 per member, per year. (with a discount of £5 if you attend 5 or more meetings each year)

The preferred method is by bank transfer to the Association bank account. Full details are available on the website


Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker for the evening was Paul Mountford from Merseyside Police. 

Paul gave us an interesting and informative presentation on Drink and Drug Driving. He gave some handouts regarding signs and symptoms to look out ...

He is hoping to get these guides made into a A5 size which will be distrubuted to ADI's when available so any feedback or questions on the contents would be welcomed before they get printed.