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Candidate Observations during Test

Examiners have noticed that more and more candidates are making incorrect or lack of observations during the standard move off from the left exercise. Candidates appear to be looking over their left shoulder and then taking too long to look in all other mirrors but sometimes forgetting the right shoulder blind spot check. They even make further left shoulder checks before moving away. By taking too long they sometimes miss an opportunity to move away safely and put themselves under more pressure to move off even starting all the checks again.
This seems to have been more of an issue since the pull up on the right manoeuvre was introduced and examiners feel that candidates are maybe paying more attention to the left shoulder check rather than the right.

Mirror checks MSM routines

Examiners are finding that many candidates are forgetting about main mirror checks and only using side mirrors during normal driving. Whilst this is a check, as we know the main mirror gives a true reflection of what is behind and relying on side mirrors alone can cause misjudging distance or speed of vehicles behind. They should be used in pairs.

In Car Cameras

ADI’s are reminded that on board cameras are permitted on test, providing they are forward facing but they cannot record audio or anything inside the car. Examiners may ask candidates whether the camera is recording voices and to show them. Pete said that he may carry out some spot checks on cameras and ask ADI’s to show that recording inside the car is not taking place as many more of us are now using cameras. However they have no problems with the cameras being in use recording outside the car on test.

At the APDI Meeting last week it was mentioned that an examiner had unplugged a camera on test, possibly because the display screen had remained on. Pete said that he could not comment on that specifically, but said it may have been that they suspected the camera was recording audio.

Sat Nav Positioning

At last weeks meeting it was mentioned about a SatNav being wrongly placed on the dash board over an air vent, so during the test the car gradually steam up. Although this was at Chester, Pete said he would make examiners award to check for this when positioning the sat nav and he would hope that common sense would be exercised during a test.


The question was raised again regarding the roundabout at the end of Vyner Road North, towards Upton Road. This route is now part of a sat nav direction route therefore the satnav give the direction as “take the second exit” and the sat nav screen shows ahead on the diagram. Pete said that this is now acceptable to take either lane at the roundabout and treat it as ahead or right, as long as sufficient mirror checks are completed and it is done safely. Previously it was part of examiner spoken directions, where the direction to turn right would be given.

This lead onto Pete giving an update on how examiners now give directions at roundabouts to bring them in line with what sat navs say.

At a roundabout if the turn is left or right the examiner will continue to say turn left first exit or turn right third exit. If it is an intermediate exit they will now try to say take the second exit sign posted for “x or y” rather than ahead 2nd exit or left/right 2nd exit (in the same way as the sat nav says).

As per the Highway Code “when taking an intermediate exit, unless signs or markings indicate otherwise select the appropriate lane on approach to and on the roundabout”.

At the roundabout on Frankby Rd with Pump Lane on the left the directions given will be at the roundabout take the second exit signed Birkenhead. Either left lane or right lane is acceptable here as long as it is completed safely with suitable mirror checks.

The roundabout at Tesco Bidston is part of a route following signs. Coming from St James Church heading towards M53 this is an intermediate exit. Although left lane would generally be seen as safer here, left lane or right would be acceptable as long as mirror checks are completed and the junction completed safely, however right lane would pose more of a risk from other vehicles.

The roundabout at Barnston Road, with Thingwall Road East on left and Arrowe Park Road on the right. Coming from Barnston towards Arrowe Park is a right turn as there is no intermediate junction, only a left turn towards Pensby and a right turn to Arrowe Park.

Washer Wipers in Cold weather

The question was asked following on from a forum discussion. “Would a candidate get a fault if the screen wash was frozen up when they tried to operate”? Pete said that the answer would be no, as long as the candidate operated the control correctly they would not be penalised if it didn’t work. However it may lead to the test being terminated for safety reasons if the screen becomes too dirty and cannot be cleaned sufficiently.

Theory Certificate on Test

Another question that arises regarding candidates bringing the theory certificate to the practical test. Whilst they are told to bring this along on the booking paperwork, in general it is not normally required. However there are certain instances when the examiners are asked on their journal to check the certificate. These are very rare, but the best advice is to bring it along, just in case. However it is not something to be too worried about if the candidate misplaces it.

Upton Car Park

Examiners are still having issues with instructors practicing in the car park when tests are returning or arriving too early for the next test times. Pete said that he does not have any problems with us using the car park outside of test times but to please allow time for candidates when they are due to return. They have already spoken and will be speaking with other instructors involved, but if it continues it maybe that they will have to stop all practice in the test centre car park at all times. Pete said that he knows it is a few instructors who are spoiling it for all of us, and he would like us to spread the word.

This is a particular problem when there is a full team of examiners working such as today when there were 7-8 tests going out and returning at the same time. If the reverse bay park exercise is needed to be completed at the end of test, it can sometimes very difficult to find a space if instructors are arriving too early for the next test.

As a reminder the test start times are ...


Currently Saturday morning tests are in operation, so this applies to Saturdays as well.

When coming into the test centre can instructors please ensure that whilst waiting to park up, pupils pull as far forward as is safely possible to avoid cars waiting onto Arrowe Park road or on the entrance of the junction.

Debrief at end of Test

ADI’s are welcome to listen in to the debrief at the end of the test if the candidate has agreed. The debrief is for the candidate though and not for the ADI to interrupt or argue with. If you have a query or want to clarify something then please wait until the debrief is finished and then ask the examiner.

Next LDTM Surgery is Tuesday 3rd April at 3:45pm in Upton. Please note different dat due to Easter Monday.










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