Apr 25, 2018

2018 APDI Meeting Apr 2018


Brian opened the meeting and welcomed members along. He then went onto introduce our guest speaker for the evening John Parry ADI.

Guest Speaker 

John introduced himself and said that he had been involved with a charity called Galloway’s Society for the Blind based in Preston. The charity organises a range of events for blind and partially sighted amongst which is a twice yearly driving day at Three Sisters Race Circuit in Wigan. This event gives people who may never have driven before the opportunity to drive a car in a safe environment with an ADI or other people who may have lost their sight and can no longer drive the chance to get behind the wheel again, something which they may never get the opportunity to do again if not for events like these. Some have zero vision and some have limited sight.

Driving and use of our sight is something we take for granted. John brought along a blindfold as well as some impairment vision goggles for some members to experience the feeling of loss of sight and be guided around the room by John and also one of our members Rob Fyffe, who also takes part in the charity days.

The first meeting of the charity was arranged 12 years ago and Galloways approached John to see if he would help out along with a few other ADIs. When the event came around all of the other ADI’s had dropped out so with 35 people signed up to take part John approached local instructors himself to ask for help along with ADI’s from his own driving school.

With 35 people taking part in the first year, they went away so happy to have taken part word got around and year 2 had 110 people. The event started out as once per year and has now expanded to twice yearly, thanks to Three Sisters donating the use of the track for the charity.

As well as the chance to drive around the track, the participants also have the opportunity to be driven around in a truck around a local industrial estate. Classic car clubs such as Jaguar and Porsche also attend to give participants a track experience.

John is always looking for more instructors who maybe interested in volunteering to take part in the events usually in May and September when the track is available. The event does not pay ADI’s though it does offer lunch for the instructors attending along with a very rewarding day. Drivers make a small payment to take part which covers insurance (so ADI’s are covered) and the days running costs etc and the charity breaks even.

John has enough instructors for this years events at the moment, but if you would like to take part in the future please get in touch with him directly.

The next event this year is on Monday 14th May and any local instructors are welcome to go along and see how the set up works on the day.

John also went into say that he was not here to promote his training company Centre for Development and Training based in Chester in anyway, but if members were interested in any CPD courses such as first aid, customer service and Fleet they could visit his website www.cdandt.co.uk or email him at john@cdandt.co.uk tel: 07706382638