Apr 25, 2018

2017 APDI Surgery Nov 2017


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If the sat nav gives the wrong directions what will happen?

The examiner will step in and correct any anomalies, they are aware that the sat nav sometimes asks for a left turn when it is a bend or says bear right when it is a right turn whilst doing examiner training and setting up the sat nav. If this happens the examiner will step in to clarify.

One of the anomalies is at the Upton Cricket club roundabout. With the dead end road exit. The sat nav does not recognise this and for ahead it says second exit. If not using sat nav at this point, the examiners will start giving directions at this roundabout the same as the sat nav, therefore Frankby and Greasby will be classed as the first exit and ahead towards Moreton will be second.

While setting up the sat navs Dave said that there were a few routes when the examiner may need to step in to clarify and some routes had more anomalies than others but overall they were pretty clear. He was also impressed with the instructions given at St James Church.

Forward bay parking exercise

This will only be completed in public car parks away from the test centre. It was originally stated the candidate could not reverse straight back out of the space and had to imagine there was a wall behind. This has now been updated and candidates will be able to reverse straight back into a space behind if available and then steer out driving forward. Depending on the layout of the car park the examiner will give instructions to reverse to the left or right if one way system, otherwise the candidate will be able to steer either way. All car parks chosen for the exercise will have an “escape route”. If there are no spaces available the candidate will be asked to drive around and exit the car park.

Pete stressed again for ADIs to please avoid the smaller car parks which will be used on test. Examiners are limited to the car parks available on test routes and if ADIs regularly use these for teaching or practice and clog them up landlords and car park owners will ban learners. Pete has already seen Instructors (not APDI members) using car parks that were mentioned at meetings for training (Twelfth Man/Goodwins in Greasby). Please use other car parks than those on test routes. Whilst they can’t stop us from using any car park, common sense is advised, think if your pupil was on test would you want them to have others practicing around them, much the same as using the test centre for bay park reverse practice when tests are due. It also makes things much more difficult for examiners if they can’t complete the manoeuvre in a car park as they then need to either find another car park or complete another manoeuvre than planned.

The question was asked whether at the end of the test when a pupil is asked to drive forward into the bay to end the test back at the test centre, would this now be marked in the same way as a manoeuvre. The answer was no, the pupil had already completed the exercise whilst out in the public car park, so it would not be marked.

Sat Nav for 20minutes on New Test

The sat nav instructions are given in yards, which is approximately the same as metres for younger students, who may not understand.

4 out of 5 tests would be sat nav. Therefore 1 in 5 will still follow signs (no longer given sets of directions or diagrams)

During the sat nav stage the candidate can still be asked to complete the legal requirements (pull up and move off, angle start etc) and the manoeuvre could still be completed during this time.

The question was asked whether a student with a learning difficulty would be given any help during the independent driving section.

Pete said that whilst the structure of the test could not be changed examiners should still be made aware of any special needs at the booking process, this is then printed on the examiners journal. ADIs can also approach the LDTM or examiners prior to the test to advise of any special needs.

Sat nav speeds - sometimes these are incorrectly out of date. Examiners are aware of this and candidates should use the sat nav as an aid, the speed limit signs should be followed.

The positioning of the sat nav in the car will be down to the examiner. Either on the anti slip mat in the middle. Attached to the windscreen or on the right hand side of the dash depending on the model of the car, airbag positions etc The candidate cannot stipulate where they want it.

Pull up on the right

Examiners will ask the candidate to pull up on the right in a safe place (instructions will be given on the move and where there will be a safe opportunity and place, medium traffic flow roads)

Once they have moved over, If someone happens to pull up behind them, they would be asked to drive on and the manoeuvre would not be completed. They would be asked to do another manoeuvre later in the Test.

If a car parks in front of them whilst they are on the right they can reverse further back than 2 Car lengths to get a better view to move away. The examiner would not assist them though.

If there is poor light on the Test the manoeuvre could still be completed. They are not being asked to park, just pull over reverse and rejoin traffic.

Wallasey Test centre

The centre is currently having a facelift and a new roof. There maybe times when a skip will need to be placed in the car park so please bear with them. They have again considered other sites in the area such as council buildings to relocate the centre but there is no suitable alternative, hence why the refurb is taking place.

For Instructors using Wallasey, you will be aware that there is a lot of building work going on at the high rise flats in Union Street. This has meant a number of construction vehicles and workers cars being parked in the area. Please try to avoid arriving too early for Test though, as this is causing problems for the previous test when arriving back.

With no further questions or points to be discussed, Pete finished the meeting by saying once the test started if anyone had any questions or queries then please knock on his door.

The next LDTM surgery will be on Monday 29th January at 3:45pm in Upton.






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